How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned? Why Is This Important?

by Nicholas

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned? Why Is This Important?

Just like anything else, maintenance needs to be done at specific times. Just like changing the oil in a car every 3000 miles, carpet in a house needs to be cleaned at specific times. There are some factors that will have to be considered such as the number of people that live in the home. You should factor in the kids. Things can get spilled and kids can drag in dirt that can get embedded in the carpet. One factor that is important is the color.

Families that have pets is another factor that can be connected to the cleaning of the carpet. Not only will a clean home help people with allergies, it will help the home smell nice. The average time period that a carpet should be cleaned is every 12 months. The more house pets that you have, the more often the carpets need to be cleaned. Cleaning white carpet will be more difficult and would require more cleaning.

In cleaning up a pet urine stain, used a damp paper towel a few times. You can mix a vinegar treatment that can help take care of the odor. Any area of the carpet that is high in traffic, that should be cleaned every three months or so. If you want to perform the cleaning yourself, there are places that can rent you the cleaning machine and chemicals. Before you do any type of cleaning, check and see it you have a warranty on your carpet.

If you have a warranty still in place, you are required to have a your carpet cleaned by professionals. Now choose the best carpet cleaner in your area or the company that the warranty company refers you too. Other problems that can happen if a carpet is neglected can be issues like dust mites or mildew. If there is an issue with bedbugs, they can get into the carpet. Bedbugs can hide in the fibers of carpet. This can make it very hard to clean. Most people say to just replace the carpet. There are ways to get them out of the carpet without buying a new one.

Start with a clean vacuum. Spread a chemical called ‚Äúdiatomaceus’ all over the floor where the vacuuming will take place. This chemical will assist in killing the bugs. Vacuum as much as possible and as thorough as possible. Lay the chemical and vacuum three times.