5 Habits for a Cleaner Bathroom

by Nicholas
5 Habits for a Cleaner Bathroom
Every human being struggles with keeping their bathroom clean. After all, it is where we “do the deed,” for lack of a better term. The bathroom also gets messy for other reasons as well. This is the room where we dedicate our mornings. We get ready here, shave our face, brush our teeth, do our makeup and our hair. All of these things require a few materials that can sometimes be messy. So here are 5 habits to keep a cleaner bathroom.

1. Pick up after yourself. One of the easiest ways to make our bathroom messy is by making a mess and not cleaning it up. Once this happens we find it easier to add on to the mess instead of picking it up in the first place. This can be for clothes, makeup, or anything else you use in the bathroom. It is so easy to throw your clothes on the bathroom floor when you’re getting ready for bed, and say you’ll clean it up later. But then the next day comes and you had a long day at work again and the cycle is repeated. Picking it up right away keeps the floor clean for good.

2. Keep a toilet scrubber by the toilet. By doing this it makes it easier to just clean the toilet bowl if a mess is made right away. This will also encourage guests to clean up their messes as well.

3. Keep a dry rag near the sync. With a rag easily accessible by the sink, drying the water that is splashed everywhere when washing your hands will hopefully become second nature. This rag can also be used to dry out the sink once it is no longer in use. When we brush our teeth, most of the time we leave remnants of toothpaste in the sink bowl, and having a rag handy will make it easier to just rinse out the sink and dry it up without having to worry about it later.

4. Clean the mirrors. One of the first things people see in a bathroom is the mirror, which often times gets water and toothpaste on it and looks very dirty. This in turn makes the whole bathroom look unkempt. Cleaning the mirrors often will make your bathroom appear cleaner.

5. Fragrances. Keeping your bathroom smelling good will change the way you view your bathroom. When something smells bad we don’t just hate the smell, it also makes us think that the thing as a whole is dirty.