Trump Cuts Obama-Era Regulations Protecting Buildings from Sea Erosion

by Nicholas

Trump Cuts Obama-Era Regulations Protecting Buildings from Sea Erosion

A report from foreign sources who have met and worked with President Trump said that when it comes to policy created or endorsed by President Obama, Trump only wants to know – “did Obama do this?” “Did Obama like this?” If the answer is “yes,” Trump is immediately against it.

It’s why he elected just last week to rescind an Obama-era rule which enables the elderly to sue their nursing homes over neglect and abuse, and it’s why this week, a source revealed that the Trump administration is eliminating an Obama-era rule which requires buildings in flood-prone areas take into account rising sea levels in their construction plans.

Ring of Fire’s Sydney Robinson discusses this.

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After all, even those who oppose the facts about climate change in flood-prone areas can see with their own eyes the very real effects of rising sea levels, even if they want to pretend not to know why it’s happening.

It’s a common-sense rule that the Trump administration has no business meddling with, and doing so will only cause trouble. By not calling on those constructing buildings – hotels, businesses, and homes, in flood-prone areas, the Trump administration is giving its consent to see property and lives put at risk.

Trump’s rollback of this rule, along with his complete refusal to invest in any way in alternative energy or efforts to slow global warming is a slap in the face to America’s near future. After all, sea levels are expected to rise substantially in the next few years, putting already vulnerable coastal communities on suicide watch.

If one were trying to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, they may assume that he is simply trying to follow-through on his promise to reduce regulations. After all, if coastal businesses are so concerned about erosion, shouldn’t they make the changes to their structures without a federal rule? But the reality is that capitalism is a cruel mistress, and businesses are much more likely to look at short-term gains above long-term precautions.

Trump is only eliminating this rule because it has Obama’s name on it – that is truly how our President operates.

In exchange for his bitter policy decision, homes will be destroyed, businesses eroded by nature, and people’s very lives could be lost.
It all seems a bit more insane when you consider that Trump’s own company applied for a coastal erosion wall on the outer edges of his Ireland golf club. The request for the permit explicitly cited global warming and its consequence as motivation for the wall.

As usual, Trump is more than willing to do what it takes to protect his own assets, but when it comes to America’s well-being? Well that just doesn’t stand up to his own personal grudge.