Tiny House Dream in Peril Rescued

by Nicholas

Tiny House Dream in Peril Rescued

Several months ago when a tiny house shell appeared on http://TinyHouseListings.com for sale, the folks at the tiny house builders Southern Oregon Tiny Homes took notice. Here’s the quick story:

“We would like to thank Tiny Home Listings for having such a great forum for people to connect with tiny homes around the nation. This is where the story started. Four months ago, a woman posted her tiny home shell for sale “as is”. The posting stated that it was her dream to build and live in a tiny home. Unfortunately, she lost her build site and the help she needed to keep moving forward. This forced her put the unit up for sale. We, at SO Tiny Homes, had kicked around the idea of helping people in this exact situation and thought this might be a perfect job for us.”

Southern Oregon Tiny Homes’ website: http://sotinyhomes.com

Read the entire backstory here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/southern-oregon-tiny-homes-keeps-tiny-housers-dream-alive

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