Our journey to build our pole barn house.

by Nicholas

Our journey to build our pole barn house.

I thought it would be interesting to share how our new house came together. We decided we wanted to build a pole barn house. We started in Sept. 2011 and finished May 2012. We live way out in the country so we really love the rustic feel of the house. I hope you enjoy! Please like and subscribe!!!

Since I’ve had so many people ask about more info on our house, I’m adding below the email I’ve sent to them. I hope this helps anyone who is considering building a pole barn house:

Our house is a 30 X 48. The porch is 8 ft wide.

I don’t know where you are out of but here’s the link to the people who actually built the pole barn. http://spearsbarnco.com/home.nxg

They had the pole barn up in 3 days. They put the doors and windows in also but you have to purchase them seperately. They will attach the windows and doors to the poles. That’s one thing now that I wish was done differently because if you’d ever have to replace one it could be difficult because we sheetrocked around all of it. I don’t know how you’d do it differently tho.

Another piece of advise is to plan to have plenty of ventilation in the attic. It will get warm up there! We have actually talked to others who have built the same type of house and they’ve said the same thing.

It is much cheaper to build a house this way. The pole barn (not including the concrete and the boards for the floor of the porch) cost us ,300. Now that’s just what you would get if you were building a barn. Do you get what I’m saying. Just the outer shell.

More advise:

Have someone to make you a blueprint and allow for 6 in. outer walls. We didn’t do that and we messed up.

Have an actual plumber and electritian do your plumbing and electric work. We didn’t and ended up having to hire a real plumber and electritian. (long story!) Just save yourself the money and do it right the first time!! Trust me it WILL be worth it.

If you live around northern AR, my brother in law can build your cabinets. He does awesome work!!

All in all, we spent around ,000 to build our house. Some of that was for furniture but not much. We could have gotten it a little cheaper if we hadn’t had issues with the plumbing and electric.

Also, something I forgot to add is how well this heats and cools. We had the blown in insulation in the walls and ceiling.

I hope this helps!

Here is a link to our cabinetmaker’s channel: http://youtu.be/CmhkCu4YWtQ