Modular homes Fiber Panel Building Systems

by Nicholas

Modular homes Fiber Panel Building Systems
Our board’s standard size and density is the table as below:
Size Weight/m2
2800mm*600mm*70mm 45 kg

2800mm*600mm*90mm 50 kg
2800mm*600mm*115mm 55 kg
2800mm*600mm*140mm 60 kg
Cement board structure: the board have a 1.2mm built-in steel structure, two surfaces are 6mm fiber cement plate, the inner core is foam cement. More details please check the structure picture.
We also make a innovative joints to the board, each board have three hooks on one side and have three holes at the same place on the other side, when build house, the workers can lift one board and “hang” on the other board. This joints make the house very easy to build, we build a 50 sqm house just use 3 hours.
Some datas from SGS report:
1). Life Span: more than 35 years with built-in steel structure and foam cement material
Fire Resistance: 1-3 hours according to code requirements specific to your design, A1 level.
3). Thermal Resistance: 0.63m2·K/W (SGS test result)
4). Snow Resistance: Snow pressure 8.219KN/m2
5). Earthquake Resistance: Up to Richter 9 (basic earthquake acceleration 0.4g) or as required
6). Sound Insulation: 37dB
7). Wind Load: basic wind pressure 0.85KN/m2, wind speed 180km/h
8). Wall Shock Resistance: 500KG concentrated force
9). Built-in Wire Conduit: the electric wiring conduit is inside of the panels
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