How To Build Amazing Shipping Container Homes

by Nicholas

How To Build Amazing Shipping Container Homes

Building a shipping container home Plans DIY–shipping-container-home

Shipping Container Home Tips

This is a professional Guide on how to build your very own Shipping Container Home.
“Do you want a Simple Step-By-Step Plan To Design And Build A Shipping Container Home From Scratch?”
Warren Thatcher Professional Shipping Container Home builder for 14 years reveals his secrets.
In this review I will to give you a run down on what to expect in this guide to building a Shipping Container Home.
The guide covers all aspects of Building Shipping Container Homes.
At the start of the guide he has a design process flow chart to help in planning your project.
This is very important starting point.
How to get all the planning permissions and legal requirements done before the project gets started.
Warren then moves on to talk about types of containers, pre-purchase checks, this is worth its weight in gold.
How to move your container and site it.
Site preparation and the types of siting.
Taking into consideration the installation of services like power, water, drainage etc.
There is a informative section on the tools you will need
with images to give the new Shipping Container House Builder an insight into what is required.
Insulation is a must, to keep heat both in and out.
Getting your Shipping Container Home signed off with the local authorities.–shipping-container-home

In conclusion I think if you are considering Building a Shipping Container Home this guide is an absolute must.
It will give you all the information you will need to get started and save you lots of time and money.
When it comes to building a home from a Shipping Container there are many things you must consider.
You’ve probably already searched various websites for guidance.
However many of the other Online guides miss out several very important steps.

You see, safety is a huge factor when building a shipping container home.
You’re probably going to have friends and family living in your shipping container home at some point!
And that’s why you need to follow a guide you can trust.
How to build a beautifully designed home using Shipping Containers.
What costly mistakes you must avoid so your project doesn’t collapse like a house of cards!
The fastest way to get your project completed and livable.
Where money can be saved
and where you need to invest those savings for the best results
The cheapest way to build a Shipping Container home from start to finish.
Warren Thatcher is a professional builder
and has been using shipping containers in many various projects over the last 14 years.
He is also a designer,
This Guide will help you visualize an amazing container home that’s also easy to build.
Function and brilliant design are the main goals when building a Shipping Container Home

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Simple Step-By-Step Plans
To Design and Build a Shipping Container Home From Scratch
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