Hemp Hangout #1- Kevin Hodge talks about Building Homes with Hemp

by Nicholas

Hemp Hangout #1- Kevin Hodge talks about Building Homes with Hemp

The Hemp Hangout Breakdown:
Overview :40
Meet Kevin 1:36
See Sample 9:00
What is It? 9:37

MgO 12:20
Going Deep. 13:00
Buy Your House for a Car 13:25
sq. ft. 13:57
Net Zero Home 14:28
Right vs. Righteous 16:58
You Don’t Have to Use Wood 17:28
Come Back to Hemp 18:00

You Now Have A Choice 21:49
Self Repairing Walls! 22:09
Ancient Knowledge 24:45
Freedom of Choice 25:10
We Are A Hard Goods Mfg. 25:30
I Love Farmers! 25:48
We Want You to Catch It 26:52
Collaborative Model 29:06

The Benefit That No One Knows 31:12
One Home Per Day 32:20
To The Farmer 33:14
The Country Is Changing 36:05
Brand New Market 38:57

Open Your Minds 40:11
Thank You!


What’s In It For You 42:08
We Are Positioned 45:32
Stop Cutting Trees 46:46
First Harvest Right Now! 48:01
What We are Working On 50:12
Hemp Adobe w/ Greenhouses 52:00
Another Unique Project 55:33
Multiple Buildings 57:45
Merchandise 58:21
1,000’s of Hemp Products 1:01:25
Exit Strategy 1:03:36
The Plan – Year 1 1:04:42
The Plan – Year 2 1:06:57
What We’d Love to Do 1:09:26

Kev. sign off (gotta see it!) 1:11:35

Kevin Hodge, founder of Hemp Adobe Homes and I spend some time letting you get to know us.
Look- Kev. isn’t about the promotion, his intentions run much deeper than being on the Hempwagon, and I give him big props for sitting down and sharing from his heart.

I bet if you encouraged him, he’d do it again… more Hemp Hangouts!

Thanks for Watching, come to http://www.hempadobehomes.com.
Let us know what you’re working on, and how we can help you achieve it with Hemp Adobe.

Thanks- Eric