DANGEROUS Places To Build Houses !

by Nicholas

DANGEROUS Places To Build Houses !

From building your house in politically unstable areas, to homes next to super volcanoes here are DANGEROUS Places To Build Houses !

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5. Tornado Alley
Tornados are known to affect an area in the US known as Tornado Alley which basically from the middle of texas stretching north to Minnesota and even Montana. When the supercells begin to transform into tornados, they’re certainly capable of destroying anything in its path and even make a cow fly at high speeds. The cool air from canada and the warm air from caribbean tend to meet at this location. This one hit tornado alley on June 14th 2016. You probably won’t hear too much about tornados happening in other parts of the world, and the unique conditions of the middle united states seem to be just right in order to cause destruction. Texas seems to report the most devastating tornadoes. One of the reasons why there are more trailer parks in the tornado alley is because if you spend a lot of money to build a home here it might get destroyed anyways by a tornado.

4. Near the Taupo Supervolcano
This enormous volcano sitting on New Zealand’s North Island has produced 2 of the world’s most violent eruptions in recent geologically history and it’s just a matter of time before it happens again. This active volcano began erupting 300,000 years ago and within the past 10,000 years there’s been a major eruption roughly every 1000 years. The last one happened 1800 years meaning it’s certainly overdue. What makes this particular volcano even more deadly is due to the fact that it’s magma is rhyolitic meaning the lava is thicker, very explosive and filled with gas. Major cities on the same island such as Auckland to the north, would be completely drenched with volcanic ash. This is due to its high silica content, it’s eruptions can be quite violent and the supervolcanoes unrest can be recorded back to 1870, which is usually a sign. Many other little villages on this island would be effected as well. The crater is currently filled by a lake but this wouldn’t be enough to slow down the destruction by any means.

3. Living on the Edge
When the person living in this home tells people he’s living on the edge, he means that quite literally. It might look like your average home but if you’re afraid of heights or falling this might not be the best place to live. This house gets the name fallen star by the UC San Diego Architect student Do Ho Suh. The cottage was built from scratch and over looks the campus. Seems like it would make a great party house but hopefully having too many people inside won’t cause it to crash.

2. Along the San Andreas Fault
The picturesque city of San Francisco is really a ticking time bomb that could go off any minute now. Not only this faultline is also right next to where the california coastline which makes the area susceptible to flooding, hurricanes and what not, but the potential for a devastating earthquake along this major fault line known as the San Andreas Fault, it possible just about every day. The same thing that usually creates beautiful hills and valleys where people want to live, is the same thing that can cause landslides and earthquakes. What’s unique about this faultline is that it’s found from the southern part of california all the way up to san francisco. Along the faultline, is where the majority of californians live and where celebrities have built hollywood mega mansions. In fact the city of San Francisco sits directly on top of it. The area long the San Andreas fault is also quite susceptible to wildfires which have wreaked much havoc.

1. Kashmir
The area of Kashmir is well-known for having border disputes between Pakistan and india but other than that, this would be a nice place to settle. Here in this photo you see a river separating the two countries, that flows through the disputed territory of Kashmir where locals have built houses.. The locals mainly refer to it as the line of control, which is a line not well respected but considered under control of one of those two nations due to occupation..This two gates close each other off with the one on the right being India and the one on the left being Pakistan as you can feel the tension seeming to rise.. There are certainly much more militrized zones like wee here with a large amount of barbed wire and armed guards.