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If you really think about it, most people can’t go to attend a cob workshop. There are various reasons for this, but usually its one of these:

You just don’t have enough time available
You can’t get vacation days off
You can’t afford the high workshop fees and travel expenses
I recognized this as a big problem facing the natural building movement.

How are people ever going to be empowered with these skills and make a difference in the way we build if most people are barred from taking workshops for these sorts of reasons?

For a solution to this problem, I wanted to completely eliminate the reasons people usually have for not being able to take a cob workshop.

So, this is what I did in a nutshell…

I took the traditional cob workshop and made it virtual.

Yes, I made a comprehensive cob workshop that can be taken via the internet.

This is what that means for you:

You can learn from home at your own pace
You don’t need to ever take vacation days off
No travel required
You only pay a fraction of the cost!
As a teacher who’s goal is to deliver my students with a pathway to success, I have made it my task to over-deliver with this course.

I guarantee that you will learn more in this online course than any other comprehensive workshop you could actually go and attend.

Live workshops are great and very important, but with most of them they just don’t cover all of the important topics. Even though workshops can be for a week or more, most of that time is usually not spent efficiently learning all the aspects of building really needed.

A standard week-long cob workshop is usually focused so much on mixing large quantities of cob and building cob walls that a whole list of other important topics is passed right over.

Again, in my attempt to solve problems I’ve made the online cob workshop comprehensive in its scope. You don’t get the hands on aspect of a live workshop, but you get everything else and then some more!

Here’s a snippet of what you’ll learn in the online Cob Workshop Classroom during the first 3 months. The lessons are comprised of videos and downloadable PDF readings.

Month One

Introduction to Earth Building

Designing Your Cob House – Introduction

Foundations – Basic Principles

Site Preparation

Rubble Trench Foundations

3-4-5 Method – How to Square a Site for Building

Building a Stone Foundation – Part 1 Introduction

Building a Stone Foundation – Part 2: Batter Boards

Cob Ingredients – Soil, Sand, and Straw

Testing and Selecting Soil

Building Plans – Foundation One: Rubble Trench, Batter Boards, Stone Stem Wall

Case Study – Joy’s Cob Brick Test

Question and Answer – Month One

Month Two

Selecting a Building Site

Passive Solar Design

Building a Stone Foundation – Part 3: Collecting Stones

Building a Stone Foundation – Part 4: Stone Masonry Tools

Laying Out a Round Foundation

Foundation Module Two: Round Foundation

Thermal Mass and Insulation

How to Make Cob – Tarp Method

Analyzing Cob Test Bricks

Basic Tools for Building a Cob House

Month Three

Building Cob Walls – Part 1: Properties & Dynamics

Mixing Cob with a Tractor

Building a Stone Foundation –Part 5: Stone Laying

Building a Stone Foundation –Part 6: Mortar & Finishing

Installing Utility Lines – Electricity & Water

Hybrid Building Systems

Passive Cooling

Case Study: Arjuna’s House – Water Lines, Hybrid Design, Passive Solar

Building Plans – Cob Wall Construction

The lessons will take you through a linear progression of how to build your own cob house.

If this sounds like it might solve some of your problems like I’ve mentioned, and if you are keen to join me and the other students currently enrolled in the program, please click here –