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The importance of Curb Appeal for Your Business

by Nicholas


The world of modern business is often conducted online, but there are still plenty of locations that exist in the real world. Customers have become savvy shoppers who expect the most for their money, and they want everything to be perfect. For those who take the time to drive to a business, looks can make or break a sale. If the business lacks curb appeal, the consumer might choose to drive on to their next choice.


It might seem like it would take a large investment of time, money, or even both to get a business location looking great. It will take a bit of each to get started, but the cost in time and effort is an investment that can pay off in the long run. It can keep customers planning on a visit ready to enter, and it could also attract traffic driving past the locations. These are goals every business owner should have, so taking the time and adding a few improvements should be an item to complete soon.


Taking a good look at the area will show what needs to be done, and starting with trash removal is generally the first step. It can include overgrown weeds that have cropped up, and getting rid of old signs is always a plus. Once the area is neat, then it is time to decide how to spruce up the building and area around it.


Older buildings often need to be cleaned and painted, and choosing a color that will stand out without being overbearing is a good start. A Newport News pressure washing service can help keep your building looking bright and clean. Adding pops of color with landscaping plants could be a plus, but keeping the area free of clutter is important. For those with little time or money to invest in landscaping, a few potted plants or plastic plants that look real could make the area appealing to all potential customers approaching the building.


Greenery is often used to enhance the curb appeal of any structure, but selecting the right type can make or break a budget. If a plant needs daily watering, it could drive up the cost of keeping it. Shrubs that grow slowly are also best because they require less maintenance to keep them looking pristine. These are the types of decisions that can make an investment in outdoor landscaping worthwhile for a business owner, or they could make the investment another drag on the bottom line.


Creating an appealing environment begins when the customer approaches the building, so taking a good look at what they will see as they approach is important. It could take only a few hours and a little bit of work to create the curb appeal that encourages customers to decide to come in and make a purchase.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tile and Natural Stone Surfaces in Your Home

by Nicholas

Few materials are more beautiful and durable for the home than natural stone or tile. There is a place for stone or tile in just about every room of the home, and a bathroom without even a small area of tile is still a bit unusual. Here are the pros and cons of natural stone and tile:


Natural Stone

Natural stone is carved out of the earth, while engineered stone is made of powdered stone, resin and pigment and allowed to cure in forms, much like concrete. Natural stone can be igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary. Igneous stone is formed in or around volcanoes. Granite is this type of stone. Metamorphic stone is formed, over eons, out of another type of stone. Marble, for example, is formed out of limestone. Sedimentary stone is made of layer upon layer of sediment, also laid down over eons. This is sandstone.


The benefits of natural stone begin with its beauty. Colors range from dazzling white to velvety black. Thanks to accessory minerals, stone can be variegated, with stripes, clouds and veins.


As it’s already millions of years old, natural stone are durable and quite likely to last longer than the house. Stone is also heat resistant and easy to clean. Many types of stone are cool to the touch, which makes them ideal for rolling out pastry dough.


One con of natural stone is that most types need to be sealed every few years to protect them from stains and spills. One of the few natural stones that doesn’t need to be sealed is soapstone, though it benefits from being rubbed with mineral oil. Natural stone is also expensive and can crack or chip. Since each piece is unique, it can be hard to fix without the repair showing. Natural stone is also hard, glassware, ceramics and bare feet.



Glazed ceramic tile is made from clay that’s been fired at high temperatures. Clay that is rich in a substance called kaolin and fired at very high temperatures results in porcelain. Tiles that have been fired at lower temperatures result in ceramics such as terra cotta, which is popular for flooring. Because this type of tile doesn’t have a hard glaze like porcelain, it needs to be sealed like natural stone.


A benefit of ceramic tile is that it’s found in a nearly endless variety of colors, patterns and textures. It can be expensive or inexpensive and installed by a DIYer or a professional. Since the color is baked in, it doesn’t fade in sunlight, and is famously water and heat resistant.


The cons are that tile is often installed with grout, which is very porous and needs to be sealed. Individual tiles tend to be brittle, even though they can be replaced.

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5 Tips for Choosing New Carpet for Your Home

by Nicholas

Choosing new carpeting can be one of the most difficult decisions a homeowner can face. By following a few basic guidelines, well-informed buyers will find it easier to avoid long-lasting and costly mistakes. There are several things to consider before making a decision.


Many consumers do not give enough consideration to the importance of padding. Some will go as far as skimping on the padding in order to control the costs of the project. Padding strengthens the carpet and prevents the backing from unraveling. The proper padding will provide support and strength to the carpet and extend its life.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is important to ensure that there are no unusual cleaning and maintenance requirements. It may be wise to avoid carpeting that requires special equipment or cleaning solutions. As carpet cleaning can be a difficult and time consuming task, busy homeowners may also want to avoid carpeting that has a lengthy cleaning process.


Carpeting stairs can change the entire nature of a project. Since the carpet will have to be bent around each step, special attention must to be paid to this area. For example, if the carpet is not thick enough, the backing can become visible as the carpet is curved around the front of the step.

Fiber Construction

There are several options when determining which fiber construction to choose. Each option has its own advantages. Wool is a naturally occurring fiber that is very soft and durable. It is the most expensive to purchase and is also the most expensive to maintain. These carpets also require professional cleaning. If properly maintained, wool carpets can last a lifetime. Nylon fiber, while cheaper than wool, can continue to look new for years. It resists stains and can last up to twenty years.

Hidden Costs

The advertised price, generally quoted by the square foot, usually does not include all the fees and costs of the project. Additional costs such as delivery, disposal of the old carpet and the actual installation can add significantly to the final cost. Make sure to get a complete quote from the sales person prior to committing to the purchase.

Recent advances in manufacturing technology and fiber treatments have made purchasing a new carpet far more complicated. Consumers will find that having a simple plan and a clear picture of what they need and want will make buying a new carpet much easier.

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Ten Quick Ways To Clean Your Home

by Nicholas

Ten Quick Ways To Clean Your Home

Cleaning your home is a simple process you may break into ten steps, and you may use each of the tens steps when you like. You may not know how to complete each task today, and you may spread them out during the week. This article gives you ten pointers, and you will see your home come clean every week as it should.

#1: You may sweep every day with no trouble, and you will cover the majority of the dirt and dust that is on the floor.

#2: You must mop the floors once a week to ensure the dirt and grime does not set in.

#3: You must scrub the kitchen counters every week to take away all the spills and food products that you will find.

#4: You will find it simple to vacuum once a week to ensure the carpets are fresh.

#5: Complete the dishes every night to ensure you do not have any issues with the dishes staining. It is difficult to have something to eat on when you are not doing the dishes regularly, and some of them may stain if you have not cleaned them properly.

#6: Clean the vents once a week to ensure they are clean of any dust and dirt that will collect in them.

#7: You must have a look at the floors in your basement and garage as they will pick up quite a lot of dirt. You will find it much simpler to clean each room when the floors when they have been coated with a layer of epoxy. They will sweep clean, and you will notice they are much cleaner on the whole.

#8: Ensure you have taken a look at the cabinets and closets to keep them as organized as possible. You may have quite a few things in each closet or cabinet, and they must be easy to reach when you searching for something specific.

#9: Take a look at your trash cans every day to see how full they are. You are doing yourself a favor by taking out the trash at least once a day when needed.

#10: You may check the rooms for any latent clothing that must be washed, and you will find it simple to do a load of laundry per day to avoid any troubles.

Try each of the ten steps on the list, and your home will be far cleaner.

Bonus tip: Have your carpets and floors deep-cleaned once or twice a year by a carpet cleaning service. This will make all of your routine cleaning tasks much easier!