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Do some fall deep cleaning now, enjoy the Holidays later!

by Brad


Early fall is the perfect time to do some deep cleaning of your home. Before you know it, the holidays will be here and guests may be arriving. It can be so rewarding to get some major cleaning projects out of the way so you can relax during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Here are some projects to consider tackling:


Wipe Down Appliances


Empty out and clean your refrigerator. Pitch old food and make room for holiday treats. Give your oven and cooktop a good scrubbing. Tackle baked on gunk and grease so that you are ready to roast a turkey. Run your washing machine with a cleaning solution specifically for this purpose. Empty the lint from your dryer vent. Wipe down the inside of your dishwasher with white vinegar and water.


Clean Windows


There is nothing nicer than having the low winter sun streaming into your home when temperatures start to drop and the days get shorter. Sunshine is healthy. You can hire a window washing company to get this accomplished quickly and safely.


Declutter and Donate


This is a great time to get rid of stuff you don’t need or wear. Start with your summer clothing to free up some closet and drawer space. Go through bookshelves. See what is hidden in your basement and attic. Donate clothing and usable stuff a local charity. Some will pick up from your home. Take books to the library for their annual book sale.


Deep Clean Carpets and Rugs


Cleaning carpets is incredibly rewarding. Get rid of any dirt and allergens that have been tracked in. Remove dust mites, mold, odors, and pet hair. Having carpets professionally cleaned is the smart way to go. A good company has industrial strength equipment to really remove build-up and to revive the carpet fibers. While you are at it, consider having upholstery professionally cleaned.

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Go through Medicine Cabinets and Kitchen Cabinets


Clean out medicine and kitchen cabinets of items that have expired or haven’t been used for a long time. Take medications to a legal drop-off location (often at the police department). Unopened canned goods and boxes of food can be given to a local food bank if they haven’t expired. Wipe down the shelves to deter insects and to clean up any spills.


Scrub Bathrooms


Chances are you do clean your bathrooms. But, do you scrub the tile floors or shower walls? Cleaning tile can really brighten up a bathroom. Give your toilets, bathtubs, and sinks a thorough cleaning with solutions that have essential oils to deter mold and bacterial growth and to make the rooms smell awesome. Clear out the drains with some baking soda and white vinegar. Don’t forget to clean mirrors and glass shower enclosures so they sparkle. Put out fresh hand towels for your guests.

5 Tips on How to Prevent Water Damage

by Brad

Whether you live in an area with frequent heavy rainfall or in a relatively arid climate, water damage is an all-too-common hazard that you’re eventually bound to face. Keep reading to find out how you can head off water damage before it happens to you.

Tackle Seasonal Cleaning Chores
No one wants to spend time on a ladder clearing leaves from gutters and downspouts, but doing so can prevent water from backing up to the point where it seeps into your property along the edge of the roofline.

Keep a Tidy Roof
Allowing leaves, debris and algae to collect on your roof can provide places for water to collect and pool. Eventually, your roof may develop a leak due to the deterioration of the roofing material caused by long-term exposure to moisture.

Watch for Plumbing Leaks
Dealing with a leak as soon as you discover it can put the brakes on water damage inside your home’s ceilings and walls. You should also pay special attention to the places where the plumbing enters and exits your home whether it’s located on a slab, crawlspace or basement foundation. If you discover a leak has sprung, contact Havencr.com to tackle the damage and prevent mold growth.

Stay on Top of Sump Pump Maintenance
If your property is equipped with a sump pump, make sure that it’s always in good working order by testing it periodically and having it regularly serviced by an experienced professional.

Ensure Adequate Drainage
Consider modifying the area around your residence to create sufficient grade for drainage, and be careful to point all downspouts away from the foundation to prevent water collection and entry.