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Floating Homes: Dreams Built on the Water – Home Makers – S1E2

by Brad

Floating Homes: Dreams Built on the Water – Home Makers – S1E2

Fusing his construction expertise with his passion for being on the water, Marc Even builds floating homes in Portland, Oregon. Filmmaker Francine Strickwerda of Flock This Way Films shows how Marc and his company, Even Construction, brave the river to make it happen.

This is the second episode of Home Makers, a new Zillow series profiling visionaries who design and build unique homes. Each episode is tailored to its subject by a different filmmaker, offering fresh perspectives and an emphasis on creativity.

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Facebook To Put Mics and Cameras in Homes Ushering Beast System Building 8

by Brad

Facebook To Put Mics and Cameras in Homes Ushering Beast System Building 8

Facebook’s plan to put a microphone and camera in every home revealed! Tune in to learn more.
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1950s Home Retrofit to Super Efficient Passive House – Urban Green Building

by Brad

1950s Home Retrofit to Super Efficient Passive House – Urban Green Building

This 1950s Montreal house was retrofitted to become a super efficient passive house by adding a 16 inch thick layer of cellulose insulation to the exterior.

Construction Le Tournesol:

Maison Ozalée’s builder, Richard Price from Construction Le Tournesol, also used triple glazed windows with insulated frames, and strategically placed small windows on the north side of the building to reduce heat loss, and placed large windows on the south side to take advantage of solar gain, which helps heat the house in winter. In order to avoid overheating the house in the summer, there are built-in shading elements above the large south-facing windows.

The home is airtight, with plywood sheathing to solidify the older home doubling as a vapour barrier once all the seams were taped.

Because of the energy gained from passive solar, and because it’s airtight, this home only needs approximately 10% of the energy a typical home of the same size would need to heat during the winter.

The owners are very environmentally conscious and added additional features to their home to make it sustainable not just in terms of energy, but water as well. They installed a rainwater catchment system that feeds water into an underground water cistern which they use to water their enormous permaculture garden. They use no municipal water to irrigate their plants.

Indoors, they’ve installed a grey water recycling system that allows them to filter and clean water from the shower & bath and then reuse it a second time to flush their toilets.

It was really interesting to see how this alternative building technique can result in such enormous energy savings! And to see that an existing home can fairly easily be retrofitted to be more energy efficient!

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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$12,000 Investment House! – Building Roof Overhangs – #22

by Brad

,000 Investment House! – Building Roof Overhangs – #22

Renovating my Investment Property to flip or rent, here I’m doing some exterior work. Getting Closer!
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In this video, I extend the overhangs on all sides of the roof. The additional coverage protects the house and adds some architecture that the house was lacking. Next up is re-roofing.

Building Homes Contests – ❄️Minecraft Harmony Hollow SMP ❄️ – Episode #34

by Brad

Building Homes Contests – ❄️Minecraft Harmony Hollow SMP ❄️ – Episode #34

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AIRBNB HOLIDAY HOMES | Sims 4 House Building

by Brad

AIRBNB HOLIDAY HOMES | Sims 4 House Building

Hi cuties and welcome back to another Sims 4 speed build! Today we’re building two modern & Mediterranean tiny holiday homes! Which one would you rather live in? 💚 OPEN FOR MORE

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