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Paal Kit Homes Construction Video

by Brad

Paal Kit Homes Construction Video

Visit http://www.paalkithomes.com.au – Owner Building made easy! Step by step construction of a steel frame PAAL Kit Home.
Paal Kit Homes are the leading manufacturer of modern steel kit homes in Australia. Choose from a large range of architect designed country style kit homes. Kit Homes specifically designed for the Owner Builder and the Owner Manager.
Paal Kit Homes are the most technically advanced Australian kit homes, proven over 40 years and tested for superior steel frame strength by the CSIRO.
Visit http://www.paalkithomes.com.au
View our range of Kit Home designs…
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NSW: http://www.paalkithomes.com.au/display-centre/display-nsw.php
VIC: http://www.paalkithomes.com.au/display-centre/display-vic.php
QLD: http://www.paalkithomes.com.au/display-centre/display-qld.php