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Steel Home – Affordable Steel Homes

by Nicholas

Steel Home – Affordable Steel Homes


Steel Home – Affordable Steel Homes

Secondary Framing Information

Girts (in sidewall) and Purlins (in roof) are 8″ or 10″ to meet design requirements.
Cold rolled Z-section: 13 to 16 ga. ASTM A-570, 50,000 or 55,000 p.s.i. yield material is used to provide maximum strength.
Bypass Girt System: overlaps at sidewall columns forming a continuous “beam” for extra strength.
Purlins: are top-mounted on the rafter with a varied lap of 2′ to 6′ for strength and cost savings in erection labor. Maximum purlin spacing is 5′ on center.
Eave Strut; is a cold-formed C-Section that is rolled for the appropriate roof pitch to help insure that all General Steel buildings are weather-tight at the eave.
Sheeting Angle: is a continuous angle supplied for the attachment of the sheeting at the rake of the building for ease of installation.
Base Angle: is a continuous angle, supplied for the attachment of the base of the sheeting to the concrete. It is attached to the concrete with ram-sets or equivalent anchors by others. (Base trim optimal).
Bracing: diagonal rod or cable bracing may be supplied for roof and walls to remove longitudinal load from the structure as needed.
Angle Flange Bracing: is provided for the connection of the rigid frame to the purlins and girts. This ensures that allowable compression levels are adequate for any combination of loadings. Purlin bridging angles may be provided at each mid-bay to assure consistent purlin spacing and stiffening.