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TREND HOMES Edmonton Alberta Canada – “How We Build Homes”

by Brad

TREND HOMES Edmonton Alberta Canada – “How We Build Homes”

Trend Homes was founded by partners Pierre Sareault and Dwayne Hartle with their goal to deliver quality homes at a sensible price. Pierre and Dwayne have over 25 years experience in the construction industry and have developed a reputation based on excellence.
Trend Homes is dedicated to delivering a home built to high standards and in turn, ensuring our customers are delighted. We believe that our best spokesperson is our past customer and are dedicated to ensuring you receive the home that was promised so that you can unequivocally recommend us to your friends and family.

We believe that being active in your community is an important part of being a good corporate citizen. We participate in various organizations and charities through donations of both time and money.
Some of the groups that we contribute to include:
• Alzheimer’s Research
• Ronald McDonald House
Some of the organizations that we are a member of include:
• Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA)
• Edmonton Rotary Club
• City of Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
• Better Business Bureau
Come See our New Show Home Located @ 3307 Weidle Way SW Edmonton Alberta
Please feel free to contact our lovely Area Sales Manager Ms. Joanne Bendera @ 780.604.4311 or Aurora@TrendHomes.ca Only a few lots remaining. Quality Homes for a Great Price.

build a container house most amazing shipping container homes

by Brad

build a container house most amazing shipping container homes

Xuất bản 11 thg 11, 2016

build a container house – We receive lots of emails from people asking us- how do I go about building my own shipping container home

How To Build a Container Home PDF Download

you live in what container home how to build a container home australia shipping container home design software container houses australia
how to build a shipping container house pdf.
The first and most important advantage of building your own shipping container home is the cost saving and daughter uprooted during a violent invasion of their village in an unnamed Francophone African country and their attempt to build a home in South Africa
How to Build a Container Home Step by Step Guide Download


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The responses are in and it’s time to learn the most important things you need to know before you build your shipping container home… Learn how to build your own shipping container home ▶ build shipping container home ▶ german solar container house.

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas
The Manifesto House is by far one of the most famous shipping container homes to date

A cargo container being transferred from a rail car to a flat-bed truck, lifted by a reach stacker

Explore examples of shipping-container architecture on our new Pinterest board to build a container home how much does it cost to build a container home build a container home cost build shipping container house

Build A Container Home book download in PDF format Steel Container Homes – Build a Container Home Plus 101 mp3
Build a container home 101 | Build convenient shipping container homes Blueprint mp3
How To Build a Storage Container House on DVD in Business, Office & Industrial, Containers & Pre-Fab Buildings, Shipping & Storage Containers | eBay
A similar Images Build container house book Building a container home is extremely cost effective

how to build a container home step by step.

kuziel residence – build of a shipping container house.
building a container house 6 months of footage.

step-by-step plans to design and build a container home from scratch : . warren thatcher professional shipping container home builder for 14 years reveals his secrets..
building a container home is extremely cost effective. the cheapest way to build a container home from start to finish…
we built a container house as container office for our company.
how to build container homes.

How to Build the Cheapest House on Earth – Video Explainer

by Brad

How to Build the Cheapest House on Earth – Video Explainer

Find out more about the wondrous M2 modular home: http://culture.pl/en/article/the-cheapest-house-on-earth

Culture.pl’s video explainers are an easy and entertaining way to get to know Poland. They are brought to you by the editorial board of Culture.pl, the largest English-language online source of information about Polish culture.

Watch The SHED Tiny House Being Built Before Your Eyes

by Brad

Watch The SHED Tiny House Being Built Before Your Eyes

Robert and Samantha decided they want to build a tiny house. So…they got to work. And fortunately for us, they had their camera ready to go throughout the process. Sit back and enjoy while we watch this young married couple whose “combined construction experience is relatively minuscule” take their tiny house ambitions into their own hands. Thanks Robert and Samantha!

Learn More: https://shedsistence.com/
Their detailed E-book: https://shedsistence.com/resources/
Follow their Instagram journey: https://www.instagram.com/shed_tinyhouse/


by Brad


Join the ‘Online Cob Workshop’ now: http://www.members.thiscobhouse.com/online-cob-house-workshop/
Get the BONUS materials by joining through this link: http://www.members.thiscobhouse.com/webinar-bonus-sign/

If you really think about it, most people can’t go to attend a cob workshop. There are various reasons for this, but usually its one of these:

You just don’t have enough time available
You can’t get vacation days off
You can’t afford the high workshop fees and travel expenses
I recognized this as a big problem facing the natural building movement.

How are people ever going to be empowered with these skills and make a difference in the way we build if most people are barred from taking workshops for these sorts of reasons?

For a solution to this problem, I wanted to completely eliminate the reasons people usually have for not being able to take a cob workshop.

So, this is what I did in a nutshell…

I took the traditional cob workshop and made it virtual.

Yes, I made a comprehensive cob workshop that can be taken via the internet.

This is what that means for you:

You can learn from home at your own pace
You don’t need to ever take vacation days off
No travel required
You only pay a fraction of the cost!
As a teacher who’s goal is to deliver my students with a pathway to success, I have made it my task to over-deliver with this course.

I guarantee that you will learn more in this online course than any other comprehensive workshop you could actually go and attend.

Live workshops are great and very important, but with most of them they just don’t cover all of the important topics. Even though workshops can be for a week or more, most of that time is usually not spent efficiently learning all the aspects of building really needed.

A standard week-long cob workshop is usually focused so much on mixing large quantities of cob and building cob walls that a whole list of other important topics is passed right over.

Again, in my attempt to solve problems I’ve made the online cob workshop comprehensive in its scope. You don’t get the hands on aspect of a live workshop, but you get everything else and then some more!

Here’s a snippet of what you’ll learn in the online Cob Workshop Classroom during the first 3 months. The lessons are comprised of videos and downloadable PDF readings.

Month One

Introduction to Earth Building

Designing Your Cob House – Introduction

Foundations – Basic Principles

Site Preparation

Rubble Trench Foundations

3-4-5 Method – How to Square a Site for Building

Building a Stone Foundation – Part 1 Introduction

Building a Stone Foundation – Part 2: Batter Boards

Cob Ingredients – Soil, Sand, and Straw

Testing and Selecting Soil

Building Plans – Foundation One: Rubble Trench, Batter Boards, Stone Stem Wall

Case Study – Joy’s Cob Brick Test

Question and Answer – Month One

Month Two

Selecting a Building Site

Passive Solar Design

Building a Stone Foundation – Part 3: Collecting Stones

Building a Stone Foundation – Part 4: Stone Masonry Tools

Laying Out a Round Foundation

Foundation Module Two: Round Foundation

Thermal Mass and Insulation

How to Make Cob – Tarp Method

Analyzing Cob Test Bricks

Basic Tools for Building a Cob House

Month Three

Building Cob Walls – Part 1: Properties & Dynamics

Mixing Cob with a Tractor

Building a Stone Foundation –Part 5: Stone Laying

Building a Stone Foundation –Part 6: Mortar & Finishing

Installing Utility Lines – Electricity & Water

Hybrid Building Systems

Passive Cooling

Case Study: Arjuna’s House – Water Lines, Hybrid Design, Passive Solar

Building Plans – Cob Wall Construction

The lessons will take you through a linear progression of how to build your own cob house.

If this sounds like it might solve some of your problems like I’ve mentioned, and if you are keen to join me and the other students currently enrolled in the program, please click here – http://www.members.thiscobhouse.com/online-cob-house-workshop/

The Sims 4 Building: Tiny Homes // Underground Hobbit House

by Brad

The Sims 4 Building: Tiny Homes // Underground Hobbit House

A cosy underground home inspired by The Hobbit in The Sims 4! Another cute little house in our Tiny Homes series!

The Sims 4 Building: Tiny Homes // Underground Hobbit House

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Steel Home – Affordable Steel Homes

by Brad

Steel Home – Affordable Steel Homes


Steel Home – Affordable Steel Homes

Secondary Framing Information

Girts (in sidewall) and Purlins (in roof) are 8″ or 10″ to meet design requirements.
Cold rolled Z-section: 13 to 16 ga. ASTM A-570, 50,000 or 55,000 p.s.i. yield material is used to provide maximum strength.
Bypass Girt System: overlaps at sidewall columns forming a continuous “beam” for extra strength.
Purlins: are top-mounted on the rafter with a varied lap of 2′ to 6′ for strength and cost savings in erection labor. Maximum purlin spacing is 5′ on center.
Eave Strut; is a cold-formed C-Section that is rolled for the appropriate roof pitch to help insure that all General Steel buildings are weather-tight at the eave.
Sheeting Angle: is a continuous angle supplied for the attachment of the sheeting at the rake of the building for ease of installation.
Base Angle: is a continuous angle, supplied for the attachment of the base of the sheeting to the concrete. It is attached to the concrete with ram-sets or equivalent anchors by others. (Base trim optimal).
Bracing: diagonal rod or cable bracing may be supplied for roof and walls to remove longitudinal load from the structure as needed.
Angle Flange Bracing: is provided for the connection of the rigid frame to the purlins and girts. This ensures that allowable compression levels are adequate for any combination of loadings. Purlin bridging angles may be provided at each mid-bay to assure consistent purlin spacing and stiffening.

Discovery Dream Homes Log Assembly

by Brad

Discovery Dream Homes Log Assembly

Enjoy this short video of Discovery Dream Homes and their team constructing one of their log homes. For more information you can contact them at www.discoverydreamhomes.com and talk to one of their knowledgable staff members.

The Brazos Tiny House Was Meticulously Built

by Brad

The Brazos Tiny House Was Meticulously Built

South Texas Tiny Homes is a new tiny house building startup in Corpus Christi and they were kind enough to share their first build with us called “The Brazos” which happens to be for sale.

“”The Brazos”, a 24 ft long tiny home on wheels that is located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Meticulous care went into the crafting of this home that was built upon a Tiny Home Builders 24ft 14,000# trailer. Delivery is available to most US locations. Please contact us for any questions about this home, or in regards to having South Texas Tiny Homes produce the tiny home of your dreams.”

For sale here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listing/corpus-christi-texas-12-south-texas-tiny-homes-the-brazos

Built by: https://www.facebook.com/southtexastinyhomes/

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1QoPzmt

Tiny houses listed for sale and rent daily: http://tinyhouselistings.com

Tiny houses for sale in your inbox: http://eepurl.com/bAcWb
Instagram: http://instagram.com/tinyhouselistings
Facebook: http://facebook.com/tinyhouselistings