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The Monocle Is A Lucky Couple’s Dream Tiny House

by Nicholas

The Monocle Is A Lucky Couple’s Dream Tiny House

Wind River Tiny Homes is one of my favorite tiny house builders because each other their builds are so uniquely different and so highly customized to each individual’s specific needs. Here’s a quick low-down from them on this tiny house…

“The Monocle tiny home was a California couples dream that we were fortunate enough to bring to reality for them. This 24′ tiny home is built 10′ wide to accommodate a bed on the main level while still keeping a spacious feel. The bathroom was one of the main focuses on this build and features a full size soaking tub, tile wet bath complete with rain shower head and hand held, floating sink, recessed mirror and composting toilet.”

Built by Wind River Tiny Homes: http://www.windrivertinyhomes.com

High-quality photos here: http://tinyhouseswoon.com/the-monocle

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