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Harvest Homes – Panelized Building System

Harvest Homes – Panelized Building System

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Harvest Homes has been a leader in manufactured housing since 1961. Our panelized homes are designed and constructed with your needs and budget in mind. Energy efficient, modern, spacious floorplans and quality materials, coupled with our unique panelized wall and floor systems allow your home to be crane erected on your site in one day, making Harvest Homes an economical choice for today’s custom home buyer and builder.

Buying land – The Home Owner Building Guide

Buying land – The Home Owner Building Guide

This video focuses on the steps to buying a block of land.  Find out what you need to consider when choosing the location and the type of block and what to be aware of before paying the deposit. Part 2 of 13. 

Video script and extra information:

Where you build will influence your ability to meet your current and future needs. The first step is to select a preferred location type – for example, urban, suburban, or rural areas – and then examine your choices in those categories. In choosing a specific site, you should also consider your preferred lifestyle.

Important lifestyle considerations include:

proximity to work, schools, universities, exercise facilities, shops, health care and entertainment
proximity to public transport – this may eliminate the need for a car or a second car
balancing initial and ongoing costs – cheaper land in the city outskirts may mean higher transport costs
the type and size of home required – the number of bedrooms and space for outdoor activities 

After choosing a location, it is time to consider the block of land you would like to purchase. Once again there are a number of factors that you should consider including: 

Check with the local council and obtain a copy of the registered plan for the site for possible building restrictions. Check council planning for zoning, easements and setback restrictions. A copy of the registered plan for the site can be obtained from either the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines or one of their approved online distributors.
Availability and cost of power, phone, internet, water supply, wastewater treatment, garbage disposal, etc. This can seriously impact budget and lifestyle
Consider the effects of breezes, shade, shadows and the possible need to install solar energy panels
The size, orientation and slope of site significantly influence design possibilities – such as  size and aspect – and building costs
Cutting blocks of land to make them level can incur significant costs, such as the need for retaining walls. Furthermore, sloping sites are difficult and expensive to build on to accommodate anyone with limited mobility. You should consider not only your current needs but also your possible future needs. 
Geology and topography of the site – is there a threat or possibility of landslide or soil slip?
Site classification – this can significantly influence footing requirements and costs.
The potential risks of ground movement and subsidence need to be considered if building on reactive clay sites. For further information, refer to the chapter in this video series about the Building Process 
Potential natural hazards – investigate the risk of events such as bushfires, flooding, and cyclones, etc. These risks will influence house design, building costs and ongoing costs such as maintenance and insurance.
Investigate and assess site drainage patterns and maintenance requirements. Steeper sites generate more stormwater runoff. Check that the site is not affected by stormwater entering from neighbouring properties from gardens or downpipes, for example
Habitat regulation – are there tree or animal preservation rules in place?
Previous use and potential hazards – for example, possible mine subsidence and contaminated sites – your solicitor can advise you of searches that can identify these hazards or contact the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection for more information.
Views – land with views is often more costly and more challenging to build on.

Before entering into a contract to purchase land or paying a deposit on the land, we recommend that you, as a minimum precaution, incorporate conditions in the contract making it subject to:

finance from your preferred lending institution, and
a site classification satisfactory to the purchaser.

We also recommend you seek legal advice about the land purchase contract before signing it. Your solicitor may recommend other conditions and/or amendments to the contract.

Build a Strawbale House in One Month

Build a Strawbale House in One Month

A movie about building a loadbearing strawbale house in Slovak ecovillage Zajezka. The walls and roof of the house were built in one month by group of 15 international volunteers who came there through EU programme “European Voluntary Service”. Check www.zajezka.sk to know more about strawbale building and other interesting activities in the Slovak ecovillage.

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How to Build a Tiny House trailer from scratch

How to Build a Tiny House trailer from scratch

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I have recently join patreon. My goal is to start a second tiny house. One that is built with a shoe string budget which is provided by the pattern earnings. All fund from my patron account will go towards that build. The first purchase will be an old camper. So help me get there and I’ll document that build as well.



Today Jen and I our building a room for our house, but who builds the best one?
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In Season 9 of Minecraft Epic Proportions Jen and I are bring back challenges! Every episode will be competitive and we will do fun challenges against each other and sometimes together! We will build, fight bosses, explore dimensions and much more!

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Teenager Started Building a Mortgage-Free Tiny House at Just 18!

Teenager Started Building a Mortgage-Free Tiny House at Just 18!

In this video, we meet Josh and Lindsay, a couple from Ontario, Canada who plan to move into their very own custom-made, hand-built tiny house this summer. Josh was inspired to start building this tiny house at just 18 years old after he watched a YouTube video about a teenager who was building a tiny house in the US. Josh got himself a summer job and saved up enough money to buy a car-hauler trailer at the end of the season, and he’s been working on the tiny house ever since (going on 3 years now!). He has single-handedly built and financed every aspect of the tiny house – aside from the spray foam insulation that he had installed – and he says he took this long to build the house because he didn’t want to go into debt with the project.

Josh’s girlfriend Lindsay found out about his plans to live in a tiny house on their first date, and he quickly managed to convince her that living in a small space, with no mortgage, was the key to starting a life together on the right foot.

The pair, who are just 21 years old now, have plans to certify the tiny house as an RV so they can park it year-round at an RV park, or to find land in a municipality that allows tiny homes. They hope that the freedom of having a rent-free and mortgage-free lifestyle will allow them to travel more, and spend time doing things they love.

The tiny house is built on an 18-foot trailer, and has a 3 foot deck on the back. The THOW (tiny house on wheels) has 2 lofts: one with 2 shed dormers and extra windows to make the bedroom area bright and airy, and another loft at the other end of the house for storage, and/or a second sleeping area.

The kitchen cabinets, the custom storage bench, the closets, and the “his and hers” desk, were also custom built by Josh.

The roof is covered with standing seam metal, and the house itself is sided with cedar to give it a warm, cozy look.

Josh has been passionate about building from a young age, and this tiny house project convinced him that he’d like to help others build a tiny house to help them live their ideal debt-free lifestyle too, which is why he started the Red Door Tiny Homes company. He can sell plans, or assist with building a tiny house.

For more information, or to contact Josh, please visit his website:

You can also follow his tiny house journey on Instagram here:

Thanks for watching!

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Learn How to Build a Cob House – Cob Workshops – Natural Building Workshops

Learn How to Build a Cob House – Cob Workshops – Natural Building Workshops

Get a glimpse of the cob workshop experience with This Cob House. These photos are from our Spring 2014 workshops in Tennessee. No previous building experience is necessary to come to any of our workshops, but you will leave with the skills and confidence to build your own natural cob home. I hope to meet you one day at one of our workshops!

Jacana — Al Marconi

Building your DREAM home; start to finish!

Building your DREAM home; start to finish!

Welcome to Magnolia Homes, your Memphis, Tennessee new home builder! We know how important your new home is to you and your family, which is why Magnolia Homes offers some of the finest luxury new homes in Memphis and the Mid-South. This video is a time lapse of a beautiful home in Chateau Gardens of Germantown. This took about 4 months to build!

The Sims 4 House Building – Shipping Yard

The Sims 4 House Building – Shipping Yard

Shipping container homes are cool and all, but what about a whole yard?

Download: http://www.thesims.com/en_AU/gallery/5AB357311D4611E58B87F865A13A827C

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