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5 Habits for a Cleaner Bathroom

by Brad
5 Habits for a Cleaner Bathroom
Every human being struggles with keeping their bathroom clean. After all, it is where we “do the deed,” for lack of a better term. The bathroom also gets messy for other reasons as well. This is the room where we dedicate our mornings. We get ready here, shave our face, brush our teeth, do our makeup and our hair. All of these things require a few materials that can sometimes be messy. So here are 5 habits to keep a cleaner bathroom.

1. Pick up after yourself. One of the easiest ways to make our bathroom messy is by making a mess and not cleaning it up. Once this happens we find it easier to add on to the mess instead of picking it up in the first place. This can be for clothes, makeup, or anything else you use in the bathroom. It is so easy to throw your clothes on the bathroom floor when you’re getting ready for bed, and say you’ll clean it up later. But then the next day comes and you had a long day at work again and the cycle is repeated. Picking it up right away keeps the floor clean for good.

2. Keep a toilet scrubber by the toilet. By doing this it makes it easier to just clean the toilet bowl if a mess is made right away. This will also encourage guests to clean up their messes as well.

3. Keep a dry rag near the sync. With a rag easily accessible by the sink, drying the water that is splashed everywhere when washing your hands will hopefully become second nature. This rag can also be used to dry out the sink once it is no longer in use. When we brush our teeth, most of the time we leave remnants of toothpaste in the sink bowl, and having a rag handy will make it easier to just rinse out the sink and dry it up without having to worry about it later.

4. Clean the mirrors. One of the first things people see in a bathroom is the mirror, which often times gets water and toothpaste on it and looks very dirty. This in turn makes the whole bathroom look unkempt. Cleaning the mirrors often will make your bathroom appear cleaner.

5. Fragrances. Keeping your bathroom smelling good will change the way you view your bathroom. When something smells bad we don’t just hate the smell, it also makes us think that the thing as a whole is dirty.

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned? Why Is This Important?

by Brad

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned? Why Is This Important?

Just like anything else, maintenance needs to be done at specific times. Just like changing the oil in a car every 3000 miles, carpet in a house needs to be cleaned at specific times. There are some factors that will have to be considered such as the number of people that live in the home. You should factor in the kids. Things can get spilled and kids can drag in dirt that can get embedded in the carpet. One factor that is important is the color.

Families that have pets is another factor that can be connected to the cleaning of the carpet. Not only will a clean home help people with allergies, it will help the home smell nice. The average time period that a carpet should be cleaned is every 12 months. The more house pets that you have, the more often the carpets need to be cleaned. Cleaning white carpet will be more difficult and would require more cleaning.

In cleaning up a pet urine stain, used a damp paper towel a few times. You can mix a vinegar treatment that can help take care of the odor. Any area of the carpet that is high in traffic, that should be cleaned every three months or so. If you want to perform the cleaning yourself, there are places that can rent you the cleaning machine and chemicals. Before you do any type of cleaning, check and see it you have a warranty on your carpet.

If you have a warranty still in place, you are required to have a your carpet cleaned by professionals. Now choose the best carpet cleaner in your area or the company that the warranty company refers you too. Other problems that can happen if a carpet is neglected can be issues like dust mites or mildew. If there is an issue with bedbugs, they can get into the carpet. Bedbugs can hide in the fibers of carpet. This can make it very hard to clean. Most people say to just replace the carpet. There are ways to get them out of the carpet without buying a new one.

Start with a clean vacuum. Spread a chemical called “diatomaceus’ all over the floor where the vacuuming will take place. This chemical will assist in killing the bugs. Vacuum as much as possible and as thorough as possible. Lay the chemical and vacuum three times.
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Ten Quick Ways To Clean Your Home

by Brad

Ten Quick Ways To Clean Your Home

Cleaning your home is a simple process you may break into ten steps, and you may use each of the tens steps when you like. You may not know how to complete each task today, and you may spread them out during the week. This article gives you ten pointers, and you will see your home come clean every week as it should.
#1: You may sweep every day with no trouble, and you will cover the majority of the dirt and dust that is on the floor.

#2: You must mop the floors once a week to ensure the dirt and grime does not set in.

#3: You must scrub the kitchen counters every week to take away all the spills and food products that you will find.

#4: You will find it simple to vacuum once a week to ensure the carpets are fresh.

#5: Complete the dishes every night to ensure you do not have any issues with the dishes staining. It is difficult to have something to eat on when you are not doing the dishes regularly, and some of them may stain if you have not cleaned them properly.

#6: Clean the vents once a week to ensure they are clean of any dust and dirt that will collect in them.

#7: You must have a look at the floors in your basement and garage as they will pick up quite a lot of dirt. You will find it much simpler to clean each room when the floors when they have been coated with a layer of epoxy. They will sweep clean, and you will notice they are much cleaner on the whole.

#8: Ensure you have taken a look at the cabinets and closets to keep them as organized as possible. You may have quite a few things in each closet or cabinet, and they must be easy to reach when you searching for something specific.

#9: Take a look at your trash cans every day to see how full they are. You are doing yourself a favor by taking out the trash at least once a day when needed.

#10: You may check the rooms for any latent clothing that must be washed, and you will find it simple to do a load of laundry per day to avoid any troubles.

Try each of the ten steps on the list, and your home will be far cleaner.

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5 Tips for Choosing New Carpet for Your Home

by Brad

Choosing new carpeting can be one of the most difficult decisions a homeowner can face. By following a few basic guidelines, well-informed buyers will find it easier to avoid long-lasting and costly mistakes. There are several things to consider before making a decision.


Many consumers do not give enough consideration to the importance of padding. Some will go as far as skimping on the padding in order to control the costs of the project. Padding strengthens the carpet and prevents the backing from unraveling. The proper padding will provide support and strength to the carpet and extend its life.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is important to ensure that there are no unusual cleaning and maintenance requirements. It may be wise to avoid carpeting that requires special equipment or cleaning solutions. As carpet cleaning can be a difficult and time consuming task, busy homeowners may also want to avoid carpeting that has a lengthy cleaning process.


Carpeting stairs can change the entire nature of a project. Since the carpet will have to be bent around each step, special attention must to be paid to this area. For example, if the carpet is not thick enough, the backing can become visible as the carpet is curved around the front of the step.

Fiber Construction

There are several options when determining which fiber construction to choose. Each option has its own advantages. Wool is a naturally occurring fiber that is very soft and durable. It is the most expensive to purchase and is also the most expensive to maintain. These carpets also require professional cleaning. If properly maintained, wool carpets can last a lifetime. Nylon fiber, while cheaper than wool, can continue to look new for years. It resists stains and can last up to twenty years.

Hidden Costs

The advertised price, generally quoted by the square foot, usually does not include all the fees and costs of the project. Additional costs such as delivery, disposal of the old carpet and the actual installation can add significantly to the final cost. Make sure to get a complete quote from the sales person prior to committing to the purchase.

Recent advances in manufacturing technology and fiber treatments have made purchasing a new carpet far more complicated. Consumers will find that having a simple plan and a clear picture of what they need and want will make buying a new carpet much easier.

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How Does A Regular Carpet Cleaning Improve My Indoor Air Quality & How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned By A Professional?

by Brad

Many of us believe that the air inside of our home is cleaned. However, indoor air is often more polluted than the air outdoors. Keep in mind that the average person spends 90 percent of their time indoors. That is why it is important to do everything that you can in order to improve your indoor air quality.

One of the things you can do in order to improve your indoor air quality is to have your carpet cleaned. Our partners at Rochester Carpet Care suggested that the items below are a list of ways that having your carpet cleaned can improve indoor air quality:

Remove Allergens

Your carpet may have dust, dirt, pet dander and other allergens. Even if you are vacuuming regularly, your carpet may still contain these things. The only thing that can remove these allergens is a thorough carpet cleaning.

Remove Mold

Carpet can easily hold moisture, which is why it can be a breeding ground for mold. This is one of the many things that can worsen indoor air quality. It can also cause allergy and asthma symptoms. Vacuuming may not be able to remove mold. A thorough cleaning can remove the mold.

Remove Stains

Stains can also cause problems with indoor air quality. For example, if there is a food stain in your carpet, then this can provide a food source for bacteria. This bacteria can easily be released into the air.

How Often Do I Need To Get My Carpet Cleaned?

There are many factors that affect how often you will need to have your carpet cleaned. One of those factors is how many people are living in your home. If you live by yourself, then you can probably get your carpet cleaned every 12 to 18 months. You will need to get your carpet cleaned more often if you have two or more people in your home.

Your home can get dirty very quickly if you have children. You will probably need to get your carpet cleaned every six to 12 months. People with pets will also need to get their carpet cleaned more often. Carpet cleaning is recommended every three to six months if you have pets.

If you have pets and children, then you may have to get your carpet cleaned every two to three months. Keep in mind that your carpet may have come with a warranty. Most warranties require that you clean the carpet every year unless the warranty will be voided.